ACA Transact

With ACA Transact you only pay for the part of ACA filing you need. 

ACA Transact gives large employers the ability to create the applicable forms, eFile and distribute to employees through our proprietary and intuitive software.

If you have over 500 employees with the internal support needed to collect the necessary data and apply employee codes on your own, this lower cost solution is for you. Through our ACA Transact Portal, clients download our Excel template to simplify their data entry. Our template provides predefined columns for all the required employee data. This allows the employer the ability to copy and paste data from multiple sources or systems, or simply fill in the fields directly before uploading into the ACA Transact Portal.

Why ACA Transact

  • BASIC only charges per number of forms created, not per employee… saving employers $$$
  • Other vendors charge extra for multiple aggregated groups, self-insured or union groups,
    we do not
  • BASIC’s system has intuitive ACA data validation built-in
  • BASIC’s system gives the employer the ability to edit individual forms within the portal at anytime


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