Absence Management

BASIC’s Absence Management and FMLA systems are designed to simplify employer administration and improve employer efficiency. The challenge is to create a “uniform and sustainable” method to track Employee Absence without creating additional administrative burden.

Absence Management Questions

If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, BASIC can help!

  1. Do you have a uniform, sustainable absentee program across all departments / locations?
  2. Are all employees treated the same when it comes to absence disciplinary action, with support documentation to defend wrongful discharge, discipline, Whistle Blower Claims?
  3. Do you have seamless integration with FMLA / State Leave / Disability/Workers’ Compensation and other LOA programs fully administered off an employee absence call off?
  4. Do you calculate your absenteeism cost associated with lost productivity?
  5. Do you know what your costs are associated with attendance issues?
  6. Do you know your Absence incidence rate … the number of absences per 100 employees during any given work period?
  7. How about your inactivity rate … the percentage of time usually worked or scheduled that is lost due to absenteeism?
  8. Is your Absence severity rate so high your business is unable to meet the deadlines of your customers, generating customer complaints?

BASIC Absentee Management

Employer achieves greater ability to manage employee absence with critical data to help schedule staff, identify absence patterns by department, day or by employee, with real time information and historical absence data.

  • Substantial reduction in Employer Absence Management Administration time. BASIC’s Absence Management system requires less than 1/3 the employer time for absence management administration with significant improvement in absence record keeping and time spent coordinating work responsibilities.
  • Perfect for single or multiple location companies.
  • Toll-free number for your employees to call or access our Online Absence Reporting 24/7. Employees receive a confirmation number to verify that they called off work.
  • Managers & Supervisors have immediate access via the WEB and Text messaging to employee call off information 24/7.
  • Ability to manage replacement workers, know all employee call offs by work group and/or location seconds after the employee call off from work is completed.
  • Call off reports by employee, department, work group, or location are readily available by supervisors (for their work group), administrators and managers for the entire organization.
  • Provides uniform and consistent absence record keeping with proven affect and outcome on improved employee attendance at work, union grievance, unemployment, FMLA, other LOA programs and Department of Labor claims.
  • Initiates FMLA and notifies possible FMLA qualifying event.
  • Prompts and provides notification on first report of work injury and lost work time due to an existing Workers Compensation / work related injury.

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