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At BASIC, we’re proud to offer a full-circle approach to your HR needs. From benefits, management and services we’ll make sure you’re covered.

Utilize the documents below to download an overviews of our services.

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Integrated HR Solutions

BASIC HR Solutions Come Full Circle  (pdf)

Compliance Checklist (pdf)

HR Management

Payroll Services  (pdf)

Payroll Timekeeping  (pdf)

HR Assist Lite (pdf)

HR Assist Self-Admin (pdf)

HR Assist+ (pdf)

HR Benefits

HRA – Health Reimbursement Arrangements  (pdf)

FSA – Flexible Spending Account  (pdf)

BASIC FSA Mobile App (pdf)

COBRA Administration  (pdf)

HSA – Health Savings Account  (pdf)

HR Services

FMLA Fundamentals (pdf)

FMLA Ease (pdf)

FMLA Administration  (pdf)

Absence Management (pdf)

Unemployment Management  (pdf)

Dependent Eligibility Verification  (pdf)

Employer Compliance

ERISA Essentials (pdf)

ACA Elevate- Option 1 (Year-end Filing) (pdf)

Stand-Alone 5500 Filings (pdf)

Agency Management & HRIS for Your Clients

My HR Storage: HR & Compliance Software for You & Your Clients  (pdf)


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